When the inventors of the internet claim they invented it in order to collaborate with each other easier and quicker, I say, “Poppycock” , “Balederdash”, and other silly words which mean, “You’re kidding me, right?”

I feel they invented the internet with things like the Nerdy Book Club in mind. Communities of like-minded individuals from every facet and walk of life pulled together by the force of the written word. The Nerdy Book Club is a community. It is a tour de force in the educational and literary world.

Personally, I learn new things daily when I read the blog posts. Things about literacy, literature, readers, and authors. I have made many great friends through the Nerdy Book Club, people who are great writers, thinkers, teachers, and are willing to share this greatness to anyone.

The latest move forward is a little thing called #Nerdlution, or as Colby Sharp defines it, “part Nerdy Book Club, part resolution”. Pick something you want to improve upon and resolve to work at it for the next 50 days, December 2, 2013 thru January 20, 2014.

My #Nerdlution is to write 400 words a day for the 50 days. I resolve to push through the last 5% of a middle grade historical fiction about the Sultana steamboat disaster and finish the first draft of an off-the-wall middle grade adventure about a hidden society protecting the innocent world of the 100 Acre Wood.

How about you? Find something you wish to accomplish, resolve to accomplish it and join in the Nerdy Book Club’s #Nerdlution, Round One.


2 responses to “#Nerdlution

  1. Love your #nerdlution!!!

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