#Nerdlution Round 2!

#Nerdlution Round 1 was awesome. So why not sign for #Nerdlution Round 2? Come on, people! Join the fun. Here’s why.

#Nerdlution is not magic, but it’s close. By merely stating a goal in public, in front of the awesome, friendly, supportive, members of Nerdy Book Club Nation, you make your goal REAL. And when something bouncing around inside your head becomes REAL, I, for one, call that magic.


My #Nerdlution 1 was to write 400 words every day for the 50 days. I did it every day except for a handful of days, missing maybe five or six times. The feeling of knowing if I didn’t sit down and plop down 400 words, I’d let down the NBC, drove me to stay true to the commitment. Lo and behold, at the end of Round One I find myself with a first draft of a new middle grade project.

Bonus feature of #Nerdlution 1: I learned something about myself.

I learned to pay attention to the words I write outside of the task of writing a work of fiction. I realize, after 25 years of working as a molecular microbiologist, I write quite a bit during the course of my work day. Experimental plans, project reports, presentations, correspondence with collaborators, and journal publications are all tasks requiring me to write in my job.

I learned that 400 words a day is very do-able. Most of the time, I’d write a bit and check the word count, which would be around 250. I’d sigh at how much further I needed to go for 400 words, dig back in, and get on a roll. When I would check word count again before scrambling off to work or back from break, some days there would be 700+ words put down to paper. Another thing I’d toss into the Magical category.

So what’s next? #Nerdlution Round 2.

50 more days of committing to self-improvement. I think I’ll stick with another 400 words/day and see if I can finish a draft of book two in the middle grade series. I also want to add something physical to the mix this time around, so, I’m adding PLANKS to my #Nerdlution 2.

For the next 50 days, I am going to:

  1. Write 400 words per day. WIP, coachhays.com blog posts, writerly blog posts, etc.

  2. Five minutes of total hold time of planks and plank variations (birddogs, superman, creatures, etc.)

Good luck to everyone with their #Nerdlution Round 2 challenges. Keep moving forward.

Read. Write. Repeat.

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