#NerdyBookClub: From Nerdy Sea to Shining Nerdy Sea

A clean, well-lighted place.

A refuge in our chaotic and busy modern lives for all things reading and writing and kid lit and teaching and, most importantly, friendship.

That’s what the Nerdy Book Club is.

The NBC is the clean, well-lighted place in cyberspace where a scientist/writer/coach from the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas can be accepted into the fold of writers, teachers, readers, researchers, illustrators from all over God’s creation.

Educations has always touted the 3-R’s. Nerdy Book Club are those and so much more.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Relationships
  • Research
  • Recommendations
  • Reveals
  • Raves
  • Reviews
  • Respect
  • Revelation
  • Revolution

(Challenge: Can you think of more Nerdy Book Club “R’s”? Add them in the comments if you can.)

And, how about this? They let me publish three NBC posts.  Me! An idiotic, stupid-funny, slightly smart-assed, 100% sport-ish, rather large human being can even post essays on the blog. And here’s the supporting evidence:

(Hopefully, there will be at least several more M. Hays blog post in the future as they continue to allow me to slip through the cracks.)

In my opinion, they invented the internet with things like the Nerdy Book Club in mind. Communities of like-minded individuals from every facet and walk of life pulled together by the force of the written word. The Nerdy Book Club is a community; it is a tour de force in the educational and literary world.

Soon, there will be nErDcampMI 2014. Unfortunately, I cannot be there. When you’re a husband/father/scientist/writer/coach, sometimes (often) life replaces the “want to” with the “need to”. Maybe someday.

nErDcampLOGO2014But, I will be there is spirit. I will follow on social media as much as possible and live/learn vicariously through the posts and tweets of the NBC brethren in attendance.

Fellow Nerdy Book Clubbers, have a great two days of celebration and learning. Swap knowledge, swap stories, and, if you have a chance, share freely with us friendlies across the World Wide Web.

And above all else, folks…

Be Nerdy!


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