Mr. Colby Sharp asks, “Are you ready for #Nerdlution15?

My immediate answer is, “YES!”


I am ready to bring it on again this year. A couple resolutions for me to work at with the Nerdy Book Club community. The NBC is an awesome group of people from all walks of life dedicated to books, literacy, and promoting just how important literature is to making us healthy, happy, Homo sapiens. Check out their blog at http://www.nerdybookclub.wordpress.com to find out more about the group (and read a couple guest posts by your truly). I highly suggest subscribing to the daily email update. Everyday brings something golden on the Nerdy Book Club blog.

Last year, I participated in #Nerdlution and in the #Nerdlution Round 2 . During these 100 days, I actually finished a first draft of a middle grade manuscript about a secret band of squirrels dedicated to keeping the Hundred Acre Wood safe and secure, as well as developing some strength & flexibility. It felt awesome to accomplish these resolutions and it helped to the Nth power to know there were other Nerdy Book Club members out in cyberspace also working hard and providing inspiration.

For #Nerdlution15, here is my plan:

1. Write 500 words on WIP, coachhays.com blog posts, writer-ly blog posts, and compile a book of essays on my #Coachisms101 tweets.

2. The Four Horsemen Workout. Start Day 1 through Day 10 with 10 reps each of bodyweight squats, push-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks. From Day 10 to Day 50 add one repetition per day, i.e. Day 40 should have 40 squats + 40 push-ups + 40 crunches + 40 jumping jacks.

Good luck to everyone in 2015! Have a safe, healthy, and productive year.

Make it happen.

Hard work is the magic.


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